SMEs shun new suffixes

SMEs in Wales and the rest of the UK have largely ignored the .tv internet suffixes which were designed for their convenience at the turn of the millennium, according to a survey.

The image they convey appears to be of primary concern – the new formulations are commonly thought to carry less credibility than the long-established .com and addresses.

Internet software publisher KTS found that 74 per cent of businesses found the new suffixes to be cheap or unprofessional, while a hefty 94 per cent found the .tv construction – previously owned by the Pacific island of Tuvalu – to possess the lowest credibility of all.

KTS chief executive Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer told the Scotsman: “Dot biz hasn’t done the biz among the commercial community. And .tv and .net are not perceived as much cop either, lacking the same sort of lustre which or .com have for a company’s image.

“This is worth bearing in mind if you are looking at registering a new web domain.”

Old is indeed gold for most SMEs – the suffix was found to be the favourite of 59 per cent, while a .com address was seen as holding the most credibility, with 35 per cent viewing it as such.